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LBNE Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment Document 8920-v6

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VE-FD-027 Place APA or short drift cell nearest wall

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technical note
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Russ Rucinski
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Russ Rucinski
Document Created:
18 Apr 2014, 16:16
Contents Revised:
26 Sep 2014, 09:39
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14 May 2015, 13:49
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As of April 2014 the configuration of the detector has Cathode Plane Assembly (CPA)rows outermost, closest to the cryostat wall. The outer cathode plane has much stored energy which is a concern and there is a dead buffer volume of liquid argon that is necessary between the CPA and wall. An alternate configuration is considered where the Anode Plane Assembly (APA) rows are nearest the wall.
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Notes and Changes:
Presentation revised with added commentary of stored energy calculations by Bo Yu. Added additional things requiring investigation as developed in the meeting. Added meeting minutes.
Make public viewable. Changed number from VE-024 to VE-FD-027.
Related Documents:
  • LBNE-doc-7598: Additional Electrostatic FEA of the CPA FCA Features
Associated with Events:
held on 30 Apr 2014 in WH4NW
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