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These documents on Conventional Facilities at Far Site (subtopic of Conventional Facilities) are available:
Showing documents with topic Conventional Facilities at Far Site on the most recent version. See documents with CF at Far Site on any version.

LBNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
9619-v1 Far Site Waste Rock Handling Options - August 2014 Syd De Vries Director's CD-3A Review of LBNF
CF at Far Site
27 Jan 2016
2794-v23 Liquid Argon Detector drawings and illustrations Bruce Baller et al. LAr-Installation & Commissioning
CF at Far Site
LAr-TPC & Cold Elec & HV
LAr-Cryogenics & Purification
Director's Review Sept 2012
Liquid Argon Detector
14 Dec 2012
10691-v6 Vol 3, Annex 3C, Conventional Facilities (CF) at the Far Site Tracy Lundin et al. CF at Far Site
CD-1-R DOE Review
CD-1-R Director's Review
04 Sep 2015
11378-v2 August 2015 Interface Workshop Willhite PPT Josh Willhite CF at Far Site
12 Aug 2015
10359-v2 Ross Shaft Utility Locations Syd De Vries CF at Far Site
19 Feb 2015
5017-v5 CDR Volume 6 -- Conventional Facilities at the Far Site Tracy Lundin DOE CD-1 Review
CF at Far Site
23 Oct 2012

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