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These documents on Presentations (non-review) and sub-topics are available:
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LBNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
7714-v1 Neutrino Phyics in 2020 Maury Goodman Neutrino Oscillations
Presentations (non-review)
23 Aug 2013
7619-v1 Snowmass Hard Questions for LBNE (IF11 & 12) Jon Urheim LBNE Collaboration
Presentations (non-review)
02 Aug 2013
7449-v1 Status of the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) Bob Wilson ICARUS-LBNE Meeting 2013-17
LBNE Collaboration
13 Jul 2013
7178-v4 Accelerator Neutrinos and the 3 Flavor Paradigm Mary Bishai Neutrino Oscillations
Presentations (non-review)
13 May 2013
7242-v1 LBNE talks in Brazil Maury Goodman Presentations (non-review)
03 May 2013
7100-v2 Opportunnities and status of LBNE in US Seminar in Brazil/UFABC Milind Diwan Education & Outreach
Presentations (non-review)
01 May 2013
7098-v1 Neutrino Physics in 2020 or why Brazil should join LBNE Maury Goodman Presentations (non-review)
04 Apr 2013
6897-v1 Neutrino Oscillations Internationally Mary Bishai Neutrino Oscillations
Presentations (non-review)
05 Mar 2013
6890-v1 The Why, What, Where of the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment Mary Bishai Neutrino Oscillations
Presentations (non-review)
04 Mar 2013
6746-v1 1(3), 2, 3(1) .... and Counting. Resolving the Neutrino Mass States Mary Bishai Neutrino Oscillations
Presentations (non-review)
22 Jan 2013
6279-v3 The Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment James Strait et al. Presentations (non-review)
15 Aug 2012
6277-v1 Calibration of Single Photon Detectors from Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion Justin Ripley Photon Detector
Presentations (non-review)
14 Aug 2012
5319-v1 Intensity Workshop Harry Weerts DOE Meetings
17 Dec 2011
4153-v1 Water Detector Survey talk for NuFact 2011 Robert Svoboda Water Cerenkov Detector
Presentations (non-review)
18 Aug 2011
4043-v1 Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics; Aspirations for the next decade Wick Haxton Presentations (non-review)
16 Jul 2011
3298-v1 NRC presentation Robert Svoboda NSF Meetings
Proton Decay
17 Jan 2011

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