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LBNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6681-v1 LBNE CD-1 Approve Alternative Selection and Cost Range Author Non-LBNE CD-1-R Director's Review
CD-1-R DOE Review
Project Management
28 Aug 2015
6259-v1 LBNE CD-0 Mission Need Statement Author Non-LBNE CD-1-R Director's Review
CD-1-R DOE Review
28 Aug 2015
6759-v0 Final Report of Independent Cost Review of LBNE (CD-1) Author Non-LBNE Project
27 Jan 2013
11104-v2 LBNF Cryostat Independent Design Review Committee Report Author Non-LBNE Project
LAr-Cryogenics & Purification
11 Jun 2015
11105-v2 LBNF Cryo System Independent Design Review Committee Report Author Non-LBNE Project
LAr-Cryogenics & Purification
11 Jun 2015
8365-v2 LBNE Reconfiguration Steering Committee Report Author Non-LBNE Near Detector Systems
Conventional Facilities
Liquid Argon Detector
06 Aug 2014
9510-v1 Collaboration Photo July 2014 Author Non-LBNE LBNE Collaboration
01 Aug 2014
9376-v1 Physics Opportunities with Stage 1 of Project X Steve Holmes et al. Physics
22 Jul 2014
9106-v1 Cosmic-ray muon sampling with CRY Author Non-LBNE Cosmic Rays and Cosmogenics
27 May 2014
8515-v1 Nuclear Effects Author Non-LBNE FGT
Cross Sections and Nuclear Models
03 Feb 2014
6522-v1 DOE CD-1 ICR Closeout Author Non-LBNE DOE CD-1 ICR
08 Jan 2014
5788-v3 Closeout Report from CD-1 Director's Review Author Non-LBNE Project
Director's Design Review
17 Jul 2013
6437-v1 Closeout Presentation - Director's CD-1 Review of LBNE, 25-27 Sep 2012 Author Non-LBNE Project
27 Sep 2012
6265-v1 Optimizing the Geometry of the Focusing Horn Magnets in the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment Beamline Mary Bishai et al. Neutrino Oscillations
Beam Simulation
08 Aug 2012
6151-v1 NuMI Hadron Monitor Drawings Author Non-LBNE Neutrino Beam
23 Jul 2012
6079-v1 Letter from B. Brinkman to P. Oddone dated 29-June -2012 Author Non-LBNE Project
02 Jul 2012
5858-v1 Draft agenda for LBNE Reconfiguration Workshop, 25-26 April 2012 Author Non-LBNE Project
19 Apr 2012
5787-v1 Letter from W. Brinkman to P. Oddone about LBNE rec'd 22-Mar-2012 Author Non-LBNE Project
29 Mar 2012
3635-v1 FY2012 HEP President's Budget Request Author Non-LBNE Budget
19 Apr 2011
3501-v1 Charge to the Marx Committee Author Non-LBNE Reviews-DOE
LBNE Collaboration
28 Mar 2011
2448-v1 DOE NEPA Determination Author Non-LBNE Project Management
12 Jul 2010

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